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Whether you're just beginning your journey or are well along the path, we have the courses and materials that you need to level up your game.

Who is NewGenP?

Never before has it been more important for organizations to adapt their strategy implementation approach. NewGenP was created to help organizations transform their new ways of working, so they can deliver value to their customers.

With all the organizational changes generated by COVID-19 in the last couple of years, a new generation of professionals will emerge to bring focus on how we develop and deliver products.

At NewGenP, we are dedicated to providing training, knowledge, and coaching to product professionals who need to define and execute on that focus.

Interested in discussions about the challenges faced by Product Owners and gaining insight into opportunities to excel?  Check out our past webinars.

Our Book

Our Story. Our Book. 

While developing a course for University of Toronto, we started talking about two major challenges organizations have: executing on their strategy and adapting their product development approaches to the constant changes in the market. Everything circled around the role of the Product Owner.

We believe this role is key in changing business mindsets and focusing organizations on strategic priorities. So we built these arguments in our best-selling book Gen P: New Generation of Product Owners Who Care About Customers.

It is a book that aims to inspire the new generation of professionals to transform their teams' ways of working and keep the customer in mind. Are you passionate about product development and management? Come and join us, challenge the old ways of working, and get a fresh perspective on product delivery. 

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At NewGenP we offer a number of in-person/ virtual events, to suit the needs of the new generation of professionals

Peter presenting to a class

We combine researched and thought leadership course design to every engagement. Whether you are interested in a one-hour presentation, a half-day workshop, or a two-day course, our sessions are designed to meet your expectations and your needs.

Our sessions include a combination of icebreakers, applied concepts, examples and exercises from different industries. Concepts are brought to live through animated presentations and vibrant videos you can watch at your leisure. You will have an opportunity to practice new concepts and build new skills that will help you stay current in a competitive marketplace.

Our sessions are run with a variety of audiences, from small groups of 10 people to larger teams of up to 100 people.

NewGenP's learning sessions are developed, delivered and monitored by two leading and award-winning instructors Joanna Tivig and Peter Monkhouse. Together Joanna and Peter have over 30 years of teaching experience to professionals like you. To each delivery, they bring their wealth of experience to illustrate the key points and bring key concepts to life.

Joanna presenting to a class

Check the Webinars page for our virtual events or have a look at examples of Peter and Joanna in action at our In-Person events.

Where we've Presented

Project Management Institute Toronto
Rotman School of Management
Proctor & Gamble
Agile Product Open Toronto
Project Summit | Project World | Business Analyst World

Want us to speak at your event or want personalized training for your business?


Find out more about the training we are offering through our partners. We believe that learning is part of our day-to-day growth.

Starting Agile

This course will show you the main steps needed so that you can set-up your Agile team. Plus, you will go through real-life examples and exercises that will help you practice and get ready for your team.

The course is offered through Udemy and is based on practical experience from the instructors who have been setting up multiple Agile teams and have learned the do's and don't's. Learn from the experts!

Product Owner

This course incorporates applied and comprehensive product development and product management concepts, tools and techniques.

You can choose to take a synchronous course with the University of Toronto, or take an asynchronous course with one of our partners: PMI Ascent, Berteig or Udemy.

Reviews and Testimonials

Check our reviews and testimonials from our students, partners and professionals we have interacted with in our journey.

Our Partners

We are proud to be working with the following organizations to provide a variety of products and services to business and product owners, product managers, project managers, business analysts, and Agile practitioners.

Project Management Institute | Ascent
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